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After leaving school I trained as a graphic designer, then became  an illustrator and freelance storyboard artist. While being creative in the hectic world of TV advertising, I started putting words to my pictures and discovered an unknown  love for  writing.  Exciting adventure stories for kids seemed like a brilliant idea. And Yippee!!! 70+ books later, it still is.

But it all began with a little pony called Sheltie, and an original idea for a mini series which became so popular that Sheltie the Shetland Pony turned into a  best selling catalogue of 30 titles published by Puffin. 

Other books followed, featuring donkeys, dogs, farmyard animals and more ponies! I have also


written spooky stories about pirates, ghosts and phantom highwaymen!

ATTACK OF THE KILLER FROGS was a horror story about mutant frogs which was such fun to write.  And hopefully great fun to read! I have a few more horror stories in the pipeline, and currently working on a collection of DEADLY TALES OF TERROR. Watch this space!!!

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